The University of Bolton is conscious that studying in the UK is one of the most significant financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Therefore we strive to offer you the best value for your money by providing some of the lowest course fees and living costs of any university in the UK. 

The fee information for all our programmes can be found within the course profile. The academic year runs from September to the following August, the fees will remain the same within each academic year regardless of entry point (e.g. September or January). The course finder function is available here.

The tuition fees for postgraduate research programmes (PhD/MPhil) can also be found at our Research and Graduate School website

Living costs

Before starting in Higher Education, it's important to think about the costs you are likely to face and how to manage your money. Remember, you'll receive your maintenance support in termly instalments and you will need to budget for on-going costs such as:

Accommodation, insurance, fuel costs and TV licence, food and drink, travel costs, sports, leisure and social activities, mobile phone and internet.

Full information on our accommodation and associate costs can be found in the accommodation pages.

Below is an example of the average cost of living for one academic year, for a full-time student living in the university's Halls of Residence. Please note if you are living in private accommodation you will need to calculate your total accommodation and transport costs. Figures given are estimates only.

Estimated living costs   2017/18

38 weeks

Accommodation in the University’s Halls of Residence (17/18 figures)


Food (based on average weekly spend of £30)


Transport (including home visits)


Course related costs


Clothing and footwear


Mobile phone (based on £30 per month for 10 months)


General living expenses including sport/leisure/socialising


TV licence (actually £145.50)


Total annual expenditure (predicted)