Welcome to the Bolton website pages specifically for our students (and colleagues) from Angola. Thank you for visiting the website and congratulations for making the decision to study in the UK.

The University of Bolton warmly welcomes students from Angola and a small number join the university each year along with a large number of students from other African nations. We have a close relationship with Cardlane Ltd, the company responsible for placing students in the UK on the Sonangol Scholarship scheme and we are also happy to accept students lucky enough to have a scholarship. We are also happy to accept privately funded students also.

We are also planning to visit Angola again soon so if you are interested in meeting a member of the team then please feel free to contact us

The University of Bolton is located in a region of the UK that has attracted international people from a number of years. Bolton itself is highly multi-cultural and diverse and as such, international student always feel very welcome. The town of Bolton has many provisions for people from all backgrounds and of all religions and the university has dedicated prayer rooms for all students use.

The University also has an excellent International Society that all international students are automatically members of. This society organises activities for all students including International evenings, social activities and sight-seeing trips around the UK. Alongside this, the Students' Union has many sporting activities and social events to keep students entertained during their studies.


Entry Requirements

Foundation / Access

Completion of Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Undergraduate entry to year 1

Pre-university certificate / diploma plus 2 years of a Bachelors

Completion of Bacharel

We accept applications for entry to year 2 & 3; however these are assessed on a case by case basis.


Completion of Licenciado

English Language

Foundation programme IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent)

Undergraduate programmes IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent)

Postgraduate programmes normally IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent)

If you do not meet the English language entry requirements, you can undertake a pre-sessional English language programme.