The University of Bolton hosts its own wireless network, broadcast from the same transmitters, but under three different names:


This is an open-access network that will allow you access to this information page, as well as the university's main website and associated services.

To access the internet, you'll need to connect to CampusRoam



This network allows you access to most of the same places and services that you can access with the standard wired network.

In order to do this, the network strictly controls the authentication process, allowing staff and students different levels of access. This means that connecting to CampusRoam can be a little tricky.

To help you, we've created the University Wireless Wizard - download this (Windows version only), and all the resources, including the M drive and printers, will be at your fingertips in seconds.

Manually set up CampusRoam on:

Unable to Connect to CampusRoam From Your Mobile Device?

If you are unable to connect to CampusRoam from your device, please see the information below:


A global network enabling wireless access and logon using your University of Bolton username and password. Currently at 101 registered organisations throughout the whole of the UK and (through JANET's membership of the international eduroam federation) across Europe and many other countries around the world.

This service allows staff and students wireless access at participating universities as well as members of those universities access here. More information about the eduroam network.

Manually set up eduroam on:

Connection to eduroam is similar to CampusRoam; you'll need to use your username@institution