Most of the general IT areas have a printer, such as the Library, SLZ, T2 Computer rooms and Design Studio.

Within the Library there are seven self-service print, copy, scan machines (multi-functional devices) providing A3 and A4 size copies as well as reduction, enlargement and colour copy facilities (their locations are marked on the Library Floor Plan). The photocopiers are activated by your Student ID card and charges will be deducted from your printing/photocopying quota.

The cost of printing is automatically deducted from your print/photocopying quota when the work is printed. Please make sure you have enough money in your account before sending your work to print.


Student Printing

Find out more about sending print jobs to the new multi-functional devices within the Library and Design Studio.

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Google Cloud Print (beta)

Google Cloud Print is a printing service provided by Google which lets you send documents via the Internet to the STUDENT-MONO and STUDENT-COLOUR print queues. Print jobs can be sent from a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac. 

NOTE: Google Cloud Print is currently in beta testing at the University.


Printing From Mac


Large Format Printing

High quality colour posters, photos, banners and other large format prints can be produced on the Canon inkjet plotters within the Design Studio.

Print Sizes and Cost

  • A2 (420mm x 594mm) £1.25
  • A1 (594mm x 841mm) £2.50
  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm) £5.00

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Library Printing Charges
Black & white, on A4 paper (single sided) £0.04
Black & white, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.07
Black & white, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.06
Black & white, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.11
Colour, on A4 paper (single sided)  £0.08
Colour, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.14
Colour, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.12
Colour, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.22

Other printers outside of the Library charge:
Black & white, on A4 paper £0.05
Black & white, on A3 paper £0.10
Colour, on A4 paper £0.15
Colour, on A3 paper £0.30
The plotters in the Design Studio charge £5 per square metre


Printing/Photocopying Quota

You will automatically be credited with £10 free print/photocopy quota at the beginning of each semester.

You can top up your print/photocopy quota at the self-service machine in the Link Zone of the Library. You will need your Student ID card to use the top up machine.


Checking Your Printing/Photocopying Balance

You can check you print/photocopy balance:

  • At the self-service machine within the Link Zone of the Library
  • On a PC. After logging in you will be presented with a green PaperCut dialogue box displaying your current balance. Alternativley you can click on the PaperCut icon within the Task Bar at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You can also access a record of your complete printing/photocopying history and monetary transactions via the PaperCut web interface (see the video 'Student Printing' above).



In the Library there are seven multi-functional devices which can be used for scanning work. Any scanned documents will sent directly to your University email account.