Username Lookup

Your username will not change throughout your time at the University. Use the link below to discover your username and your password:

Change your Password

Every user has a login username and password. Passwords should be changed on a regular basis.

Your new password must:

  • not be the same as your previous 5 passwords.
  • not be similar to your logon name.
  • not be similar to your name.
  • contain at least 8 characters or more and must be a mixture of letters and numbers.

Please note: passwords are case sensitive, so if you type it in capitals when changing it, it must be always typed in capitals.

On Campus:

Logon in the usual way then, hold the Ctrl and Alt keys, and press Delete.

  1. Click on the Change Password option.

Your username is then displayed.

  1. In the box labelled Old Password type your current password, DO NOT PRESS RETURN.
  2. In the box labelled New Password type your new password, DO NOT PRESS RETURN.
  3. In the box labelled Confirm New Password type your new password again and press Return or click on the → button. If no error message appears your login password has now been changed.
  4. If an error message is displayed then your password has not been changed and you will need to try again following the above guidelines for your new password.

Off Campus:

To change your password from outside the University, visit the Change Your Password page.


Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password and would like it reset, visit the Forgot Your Password page or contact IT Support Services


Unlock your account

If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, your account will be locked out. This lockout will be removed automatically after an hour, or you can contact IT Support Services