Your username and password will give you access to the following services at the University of Bolton:

Networked Computers Within The University

Please see Computer Provision web page for further information.



All staff and students automatically have access to email using Microsoft Outlook Web Access. You can use this from any of the computers in the University as well as off-campus if you are connected to the internet. Email can be used to send messages and documents to other people within the University, as well as family and friends throughout the world.

You will need your username and password to login.

Please see the Managing Your Email section for further information.



Moodle is an online gateway to all your learning resources. Once logged in you will have full access to all the courses that you have been added to by your tutors. In addition Moodle supports Turnitin via a direct link from within a Moodle course. Use the links below to access the Moodle login page and to find out more about submitting assignments to Turnitin: 

If you are having difficulty accessing a Moodle course or submitting an assignment to Turnitin please contact your tutor(s).


M: Drive

The M: drive is a networked drive and you have part of this allocated to you for storing your files. Your M: drive should connect each time you log on, if this does not happen please contact the IT Support Desk in The Library.

Each student is currently allocated 2 Gb of space on the M: drive which can be accessed from any networked PC and through the myFiles service off-campus. Please note that you will receive an email when you have exceeded 85% of your M: drive quota. You will also receive an email when you exceed the 95% quota threshold for your M: drive quota. If you reach this limit and do not delete files then you may not be able to save any more work.

You can check how much space you have used with Windows Explorer.

Your M: drive is a safe place to store your files - it is regularly backed up and stored across multiple disks. It's also less likely to get lost or broken than a USB pen drive! That said, we advise that you keep a copy of any important work on which you're working on a USB stick just in case you can't get access to our systems right at that moment when your work is due for hand-in.


MyFiles – Accessing Your M: Drive From Off-campus

You can now access your M: Drive from home.


Electronic Resource Authentication

The University of Bolton has access to a wide range of electronic resources, from databases that provide abstracts and indexes, to full-text journal articles and electronic books. Most of these resources require logging in. Most resources are available off-campus as well as within the University, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You will be directed to enter your username and password on your way to a resource if necessary.

Please see the Library webpages for further information on accessing electronic resources.


Online Student Record

Here you can view the personal details that the university holds about you and you can update your address, telephone number and personal e-mail address. You can also view your assessment results via an intermediate transcript.



The University of Bolton hosts its own wireless network which allows you to connect to the internet via your laptop or mobile device.


Timetable Information

Your access to University resources will finish when you finish your studies. If you wish to continue to use the Library, please join as an alumni. Please note that access to computer resources is not available.