University of Bolton Remote Access (

The website means that you no longer need to use VPN to access services that were previously only available on-campus. The website only works with Internet Explorer and Windows.

Logging In

When staff log on to they will be presented with icons for:

  • Celcat 6.4
  • Celcat SAT
  • Contensis CMS
  • Configuration Manager Console
  • SPSS v20
  • Staff Portal page
  • Microsoft Excel, Visio and Word 2010

These applications will start in a “RemoteApp” window; that is, running on a remote server but in a single window on your home PC. You will need to log on again to connect to the remote server – please enter your username in the form when the dialog box pops up.

Access to SITS or QLx

Access to SITS or QLx can be requested through your line manager – this remote access will need to be approved separately for a specific need even if you already have access to the service from your office PC. You will then have the icons added to the above list when you log in to the web page.

Remote Desktop Connection

The “Remote Desktop” tab will allow you to connect directly to your office PC. While we recommend using the RemoteApp icons (together with myFiles) if at all possible, it is possible to request access to remote desktop straight to your office machine. To do this, please contact IT Support Services with your office computer name, username and reason for request. Requests will be considered on an individual basis. There is a ‘wake my PC up from sleep’ tool on this tab, but connecting straight to your office PC is still less reliable than using RemoteApps.

If you are using a Mac please see the following guide to set up a new Remote Desktop Connection: