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  • Associated Directory number modification #01
  • Cancel auto call back on busy *68
  • Cancel Overflow to associate *67
  • Cancel Remote forward *65
  • Cancel Wake-up *81
  • Change Personal Code (Telephone) **4
  • Conference **6
  • Direct call pick-up *72
  • Do not disturb *78
  • DTMF End to End Dialling #4
  • Forward cancel by destination *71
  • Forward on no reply *62
  • Forward on busy or no reply *63
  • Forward cancellation *64
  • Group call pick-up (Group must be setup) *73
  • Immediate forward *60
  • Immediate forward on busy *61
  • Last Caller Call back *69
  • Mute call 3 or enquire key
  • Overflow on no reply to associate (Normally Voicemail) *66
  • PadLock *77
  • Park Call/Retrieve *75
  • Personal Directory Programmimg #5
  • Personal Directory Use **5
  • Protection against beeps *87
  • Redial last number *70
  • Remote forward *88
  • Substitution *76
  • Set In/Out of service *79
  • Touchtone Dialling #4
  • Voice Mail Access ##
  • Waiting call consultation *74
  • Wake-up/appointment reminder *80

Telephone Systems Feature Code

System Feature Codes Explanation

0 Attendant Call

Call to reception at Deane.

1 Broker Call

During a call, toggle (broker) between two callers.

2 Enquiry on/off

During a call, cancels an enquiry call.

3 Three way conference call

During a call, when three parties are involved, press 3 to connect all parties in a 3 way conference call.

5 Call back request

If an extension is busy or not answered, requests that you are called back when the called extension becomes free or is next used.

8 Voicemail Deposit

If an extension rings no answer, press 8 to leave a voicemail message. This feature is only available if the extension is set-up for voicemail and calls do not forward automatically. (Note: you can press 8 if you know the person is not available and you do not wish to wait for the automatic voicemail forward).

## Voice Mail Access

Shortcut to access your voicemail

#01 Associated Directory number modification

The associated directory number is the extension number that your calls will go to when you do not answer or optionally if you are busy on the phone. This is normally set to 3999, which means your calls go to voicemail, but you may change this, if you would rather another person answer your calls when you are busy or unavailable.

#4 DTMF End to End Dialling

DTMF tones are the sounds you normally hear when you dial a telephone number. The system does not produce these tones automatically, therefore, if you make a call to an automated system that asks you to select options using your telephone keypad, you must first enter the special code #4

#5 Personal directory Programming

On First and Easy handsets ONLY, it is possible for you to store up to 12 personal numbers using the 0-9, * and # keys. To store a number lift the handset, key #5 press the key you wish to program, enter the number you wish to store (remembering to include the 9 if it is an external number), then press #. The system should confirm that your number has been stored. You can access the stored numbers by entering the code **5 followed by the relevant key.

**4 Change Personal Code (Telephone)

Your telephone extension has associated with it a personal code (which should not be confused with your voicemail password). If you have not changed it, the code will be set to 0000. This code is very important and used to control features of your handset such as padlock and substitution. It is highly recommended that you change your personal code as soon as possible. To change the code, simply dial **4 enter the old code (0000) then enter the new code as prompted.

**5 Personal Directory Use

Gives you to access the personal directory numbers that you programmed using the #5 feature code. Dial **5 then the pre-programmed key associated with the number you wish to dial.

**6 Conference

Meet-Me Conference


Up to 28 participants may speak in a telephone conference.

The conference must include 1 internal participant.

To join in a Meet-Me Conference: **6 + the pre-arranged two digit code.

The pre-arranged four digit code is assigned to the conference by
the conference initiator.

If you are the first participant you will hear music/voice guide until the other
people join in.

To leave the conference, hang up.

You may re-enter at a later time.

To transfer an outside party into the conference, follow the above
procedure then hang up.

Follow the procedure again to transfer yourself in.

*60 Immediate forward

Forwards ALL calls to the number you enter. It is possible to forward to external numbers with all forwarding modes, but this requires authorisation. Forwarding to mobile numbers is not available. (Note: If the number you forward to does not answer or is busy the calls will STILL be redirected to your voicemail)

*61 Immediate forward on busy

Forwards ALL calls when your extension is busy to the number you enter.

*62 Forward on no reply

Forwards calls you do not answer to number you enter.

*63 Forward on busy or no reply

Forwards calls on both busy and no reply to the number you enter.

*64 Forward cancellation

Cancel all forwarding.

*66 Overflow on no reply to associate (Normally Voicemail)

When you enter this code, calls that you DO NOT answer, will overflow to your associate number (normally 3999, Voicemail). This is the default behaviour, but if you notice that calls are not going to voicemail, entering this code should ensure they do.

*67 Cancel Overflow to associate

Entering this code will prevent calls going to your associate number (Voicemail).

*68 Cancel call back request

Entering this code when you have a call back request on your line will cancel the request.

*69 Last Caller Call back

Calls back the last internal unanswered call

*70 Redial last number

Redials the last number internal or external

*72 Direct call pick-up

If you know an extension is ringing and know its number. Dial *72 followed by the extension number of the ringing extension to answer it.

*73 Group call pick-up (Group must be setup)

If you are in the same pickup group as a ringing extension simply dial *73 to answer it.

*75 Park Call/Retrieve

During a call dial *75 then enter the extension number on which you wish to park the call, this can be any valid extension number, however, it is suggested you use your own number. You may then hangup, which leaves the caller on hold. To retrieve the call, on the extension on which it was parked, lift the handset and dial *75. To retrieve the call using another handset, dial *75 followed by the extension number on which the call was parked.

*76 Substitution

Dial *76 at ANY extension followed by your extension number and your personal code. This then allows you to use the features of your extension and make calls as if from your own extension. To other user the call will appear to have come from your extension and any external calls made will be logged against your number. Substitution is a very powerful feature, it is therefore very important that you change your personal code so that it cannot be abused.(See **4).

*77 PadLock

Entering this code prevents your telephone from being used for external calls without your personal code being entered. Padlock can be removed by entering *77 followed by your personal code.

*78 Do not disturb

Prevents you from receiving any calls, external calls will get engaged and internal callers will get a recorded message announcing that you are unavailable. Use of this feature is NOT RECOMMENDED, callers will not have an opportunity to leave you a voicemail message. If you accidentally enable this feature, dial *78 to cancel it.

*79 Out of service

This code logs your telephone off the system. ONLY use this feature if you are physically moving the location of your telephone or if instructed to do so.
To log your telephone back on, enter your extension number, when prompted, followed by your personal code, replace the handset and wait for a BEEP.

*80 Wake-up/appointment reminder

Allows you set a single reminder call for an extension, dial *80 and follow the spoken instructions.

*81 Cancel Wake-up/appointment reminder

Cancels a wake-up/appointment reminder, dial *81 followed by the extension number against which you programmed the reminder call (Usually your own).

*87 Protection against beeps

Certain features of the system can cause beeps during a call, these beeps can cause data calls to be dropped and FAX calls to fail. Entering this code before making a call prevents any beeps being generated during that call.