Moodle is an online gateway to all your learning resources. Once logged in you will have full access to all the courses that you have been added to by your tutors. In addition Moodle supports Turnitin via a direct link from within a Moodle course. Turnitin is the university’s adopted plagiarism detection software. It is likely that you will have to submit assignments via Turnitin as part of your studies.

Moodle Mobile

Moodle provide a free mobile app for Android and iOS devcies, follow the link below for download instructions:

Additional Help

Submitting an Assignment to Turnitin from Moodle

(The following video contains audio)

Printing Originality Reports

(The following video conatins audio)

If you require further assistance regarding submitting your work or any other matter regarding Moodle or Turnitin, please contact your tutor who will be able to advise you in more detail.