Professional Biography

Professor Guosheng Shao started his academic career at the Zhengzhou University of Technology in 1981, as an Assistant Lecturer and then a Lecturer in metallurgy. In 1991, he came to the University of Surrey as a visiting scientist. He earned his PhD in materials science at Surrey in 1995 and thereupon worked as a research associate and then research fellow (1999) and senior research fellow (2001), until transferring to the Brunel University as Reader in Materials in 2005. He joined the University of Bolton as professor of materials modelling and simulation in 2007. He has published over 170 refereed papers mainly in major international journals including Nature with a SCOPUS h-index of 22 for citation (2013). He also holds a number of patents on advanced materials and functional devices.

Current research interests

  • Multi-scale materials modelling
  • Materials thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Functional nanomaterials for environmental applications
  • Sustainable thin film solar cells and renewable energy devices
  • High resolution analytical electron microscopy

Current PhD Students

  • Mr Yonglong Shen
  • Mr Kingsley Anajemba
  • Mr Gaihuan Yuan
  • Miss Meilan Guo
  • Mr Muhammad Faruq

Selected recent publications

  • Xiaoping Han, Kenan Song, Liu Lu, Quanrong Deng, Xiaohong Xia and Guosheng Shao. Limitation and extrapolation correction of the GGA+U formalism: a study of Nb-doped anatase TiO2, Journal of Materials Chemistry C,2013, 1 (23), 3736 - 3746.DOI:10.1039/C3TC30370E

  • Xiaoping Han and Guosheng Shao. Theoretical prediction of p-type transparent conductivity in Zn-doped TiO2, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics, 2013, 15 (24), 9581 - 9589.

  • Xiaoping Han and Guosheng Shao, Electronic properties of rutile TiO 2 with non-metal dopants from first principles, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2011), 115, 8274–8282. doi: 10.1021/jp1106586.
  • Jun Liu, Changhao Liang, Zhenfei Tian, Shuyuan Zhang, G. Shao. Spontaneous growth and chemical reduction ability of Ge nanoparticles.  S cientific Reports , 3(2013), art. 1741.
  • Meilan Guo, Xiaohong Xia,Yun Gao, Guowen Jiang, Quanrong Deng, G Shao*, Self-aligned TiO2 thin films with remarkable hydrogen sensing functionality, Sensors and Actuators B , Volumes 171–172, August–September 2012, Pages 165–171.  doi 10.1016/j.snb.2012.02.072.
  • Xiaohong Xia, Liu Lu, Alex S. Walton, Michael Ward, Xiaoping Han, Rik Brydson, Jikui Luo, and Guosheng Shao*, Origin of significant visible-light absorption properties of Mn-doped TiO 2 thin films, Acta Materialia , 60(5) , 1974-1985 (2012).
  • G Shao, "Red shift in Mn- and Fe-doped TiO2: a DFT+U analysis", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 113 (6): 6800-6808 (2009).
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