Professional Biography:

Class II Honours B.A. (Chemistry), Christ Church, Oxford

  • l965 - 67 Ph.D. (Chemistry), The University of East Anglia.
  • l967 - 68 Post-doctoral Fellow, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • l969 - 72 Research Scientist, ICI Fibres, Pontypool.
  • l972 - 76 Lecturer in Fibre Science, Bolton Institute of Technology.
  • l976 - 88 Senior Lecturer in Fibre Science, Bolton Institute of Higher Education.
  • 1986 Elected Fellow, The Textile Institute
  • l988 - 89 Reader in Textiles, Bolton Institute of Higher Education.
  • l989 - 90 Head of Department of Textile Studies, Bolton Institute of Higher Education.
  • l990 - 93 Head of School of Textile Studies, Bolton Institute.
  • 1993 - 1996 Director of Research, Bolton Institute.
  • 1996 - 2001 Dean, Faculty of Technology
  • 2001 - 2003 Director of Research, Bolton Institute
  • 2003 - Research Professor
  • 2006 Awarded Honorary Life Membership, The Textile Institute

Current research interests:

  • Burning behaviour of fibres and textiles and their consequences; burn hazard assessment
  • Flame retardant and heat resistant fibres and textiles
  • Flame retardant advanced materials
  • Degradation and durability of natural and synthetic fibre-containing textiles
  • Degradation and durability of polymers related to textiles (eg coatings, finishes, etc.,)

Most recent publications:

  • "Flammability, degradation and structural characterization of fibre-forming polypropylene containing nanoclay–flame retardant combinations", S Zhang, A R Horrocks, R Hull and B K. Kandola, Polym Degrad Stab., 91, 719-725, 2006 (R)
  • "Effective bromine-free back-coating formulations for textiles – Are they really achievable?", A R Horrocks, P Davies, B K Kandola, A Alderson. In Flame Retardants 2006, Interscience Communications, London, 2006, pp9-20
  • "Flame retardant unsaturated polyester resin incorporating nanoclays", S Nazare, B K Kandola and A R Horrocks, Polym Adv Tech., 17, 294-303 (2006) (R)
    "Thermal (heat and fire) protection", A R Horrocks in Textiles for Protection, ed R Scott, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 2005, pp398-440
  • "Comparison of cone and OSU calorimetric techniques to asses behaviour of fabrics used for aircraft interiors", B K Kandola, A R Horrocks, K Padmore, J Dalton and T Owen, Fire Mater., 30 (4), 241-256 (2006) (R)
  • 'Effect of Layered Silicate Nanocomposites on Burning Behaviour of Conventionally Flame-Retarded Unsaturated Polyesters', B.K.Kandola, S.Nazare, A.R.Horrocks and P.Myler , In : Fire and Polymers, ed. G.L.Nelson and C.A.Wilkie, American Chemical Society Symposium Series 922, Chapter 13, 155 - 171 (2005) (R)
  • 'A quantitative study of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide evolution during thermal degradation of flame retarded epoxy resins' B Biswas, B K Kandola, A R Horrocks and D Price, Poly Degrad. Stab., 92, 765-776 (2007) (R)
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  • 'Polypropylene fibers containing dispersed clays having improved fire performance. I. Effect of nanoclays on processing parameters and fiber properties',  A. Richard Horrocks, Baljinder K. Kandola, Gillian Smart, Sheng Zhang, T. Richard Hull, J Appl Polym Sci., 106, 1707-1717 (2007). (R)
  • 'The potential for volatile phosphorus-containing flame retardants in textile back-coatings', A R Horrocks, P J Davies, B K Kandola and A Alderson, J Fire Sciences, 25 (6), 523-540 (2007). (R )
  • 'Empirical and numerical approach for optimisation of fire and mechanical performance in fire-retardant glass-reinforced epoxy composites', B K Kandola, P Myler, A R Horrocks, M El-Hadidi and D Blair, Fire Safety J, 42, 11-23 (2008). (R )