Research Interests and Research Subject Specialisms

R&D work in the past concentrated on advancing the science and technology in the fields of: Non-Traditional Manufacturing Processes including Microwaves Plasmas, Abrasive Ice Jet and Solar Joining; Intelligent Manufacturing Systems including Real-Time Expert Systems and Artificial Neural Networks; and Automated Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation including Ultrasound, Acoustic Emission, and Microwave Thermography. At the Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI), his recent R&D work concentrates on Smart / Functional Materials and Systems development. In this area, he has developed electromagnetic, electro rheological, and piezoelectric and photovoltaic hybrid smart materials based Micro-power Re-generators and Energy Conversion Systems for Medical and Health Care Devices.

Teaching Responsibilities

MSc Advanced Materials


 2011 – to date  Provost -Academic Development UK
 2010 – to date   Director - Research and Innovation UK
 2004 - 2009  Director, IMRI and  Marie Curie Fellow - Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI ), UK
 2002 – 2004  Executive Director - STI  Ltd. Intellectual Property Management, HK, China
 1997 – 2002  Executive Director - Industrial Research Institute Swinburne (IRIS), Australia
 1996 - 1997   Head of School - Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Australia - Professorial Chair School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
 1994 - 1995  Associate Professor - Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia
 1992 - 1993  Senior Lecturer - University of Wollongong (UoW), Dept of Mech. Eng., Australia
 1988 - 1992  Lecturer - University of Wollongong (UoW) Dept of Mech. Eng., Australia

Over 350 publications including 106 Journal Articles, 7 Book Chapters, 45 Invited, 85 Conf. Refereed, 37 Conf. Non-refereed, 25 Keynote Addresses, 9 Patents and 50 Technical Reports. Supervised successfully 35 PhD students. Served on editorial board of int. journals ASME, NDT&E, AWJ. and reviewer on behalf of a number of international journals.

Executive Education

2002       Harvard Business School    Leading Professional Service Firms

2001       Stanford Graduate School of Business   Strategic Negotiations and Influence.

2000       MIT Sloan Management School    Managing Change in Complex Organisations

Professional Leadership

2013 to date Member of Parliamentary Scientific Committee (UK),

2013 to date TEI Athens – President of the Board of Governors(GR), 

2013 to date FibrLec Ltd Board of Directors (UK). , 

2010 to date Honourary Vice President Bio and Eco Energy Industry Association (HK),

2007 to date Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry – KCMC Board of Management (UK),

2005 to date NYC Senior Cosultant(GR),

2004 – 2007 Technitex Ltd Board of Management (UK),

2002 BMW Munich Research Laboratories – Special Innovation Project (GE),

1999-2002 Senior Consultant to VisyBoard (AUS),

2000 – 2002 Consultant to the Minister for Manufacturing Industry - Advisory Board (AUS) ,

2001 – 2002 Cooperative Research Centre, Innovative Wood Manufacturing (CRC-IWM),

2002 – 2004 SFI Ltd Senior Management Board (HK, China),

2000 – 2003 Geomar Group of Co. Board of Management(Europe / USA),

1998-2002 World Intellectual Property Organisation – WIPO Senior Consultant (SW),

1999 – 2001 Cooperative Research Centre, Microtechnology (CRC-Microtechnology) Bard of Directors,

1999 – 2002 Cooperative Research Centre, Cast Metals Manufacturing (CRC-CMM) Board of Directors,

1997 – 1999 Cooperative Research Centre, Intelligent Manufacturing, Systems and Technologies (CRC-IMST) Board of Directors, AUS,

1999 Consultant to Singapore Government for the MEMS and Nano-materials R & D Centre.

Publications and Research

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Book Chapters

D. V. Bayramol, T. H. Shah, N. Soin, E. Siores,  Preparation and characterisation of PVDF-based nanocomposites” in “Synthesis Techniques for Polymer Nanocomposites”, Wiley Publishers, V. Mittal (Ed.), 2014

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