Professional Biography

I returned to education as a mature student in 1994 at Bolton Institute (later the University) graduating in 1998 with BSc Hons in Textile Technology and Management. While employed at the University as a Research Assistant I worked part time on my PhD, graduating in 2004. During this time I worked on short term Industrial projects giving me experience in many areas of materials development through processing, modification and testing. My projects included  development of novel wound dressings manufactured using bio materials including alginate and chitosan and production of filaments with auxetic properties and the modification of foams to give similar auxetic properties for enhanced acoustic properties. My first post doc project was the development of nanocomposite filaments incorporating nanoclays. I am now part of the Fire Materials Research group working with thermoplastic polymers and the development of novel flame retardants, with reduced environmental impact, to improve the flame retardant properties of films, filaments and bulk polymers.

I am the University of Bolton representative on the Manchester Science Festival Partners Group and University of Bolton coordinator for events for MSF. I also have involvement with the Nuffield foundation bursary scheme and I take science events to local schools to demonstrate to young people that science is exciting and fun.

Current research interests

  • The use of novel compounds and nanoclays to improve the performance of or replace conventional brominated flame retardants
  • The production and testing of thermoplastic composite materials
  • Compounding, processing  and testing flame retarded thermoplastic polymers

PhD Students

  • Mr Alistair Holdsworth

Selected recent publications

  • A R Horrocks*, G Smart, B Kandola, A Holdsworth and D Price Zinc stannate interactions with flame retardants in polyamide; Part 1: Synergies with organobromine-containing flame retardants in polyamide 6 (PA6) and 6.6 (PA6.6) awaiting publication Polymer Degradation and Stability
  • Horrocks, A.R., Smart, G., Kandola, B, Price, D, Zinc stannate interactions with flame retardants in polyamide;  Part 2: Potential synergies with non-halogen containing flame retardants in polyamide 6 (PA6), 2012, Polymer Degradation and Stability 97 (4), 645-652
  • Horrocks, A.R., Smart, G., Nazare S., Kandola, B., Price, D., Quantification of zinc hydroxystannate** and stannate** synergies in halogen-containing flame-retardant polymeric formulations, 2010, Journal of Fire Sciences, 28 (3), 217-248
  • Horrocks, A.R., Smart, G., Price, D., Kandola, B., Zinc stannates as alternative synergists in selected flame retardant systems, 2009, Journal of Fire Sciences, 27 (5), 495-521
  • Kandola, B.K., Smart, G., Horrocks, A.R., Joseph, P., Zhang, S., Hull, T.R., Ebdon, J., Hunt, B., Cook, A., Effect of different compatibilisers on nanoclay dispersion, thermal stability, and burning behavior of polypropylene-nanoclay blends, 2008, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 108  (2), 816-824
  • G Smart, BK Kandola, AR Horrocks, S Zhang, TR Hull, J Ebdon, P Joseph, B Hunt, ‘Polypropylene fibres containing dispersed clays having improved fire performance. Part 2: Characterization of fibers and fabrics from PP-nanoclay blends, 2008, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 19 (6), 658-670
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