The technical textiles group has a long history at IMRI and covers a wide range of engineering  applications where performance and durability are of prime importance.

The group works closely with industry and academia helping to design, produce, fabricate and test new materials and textile structures through applied research and collaborative engagement that have lead to products developed for markets such as health, medical, sports, lifestyle, special forces (army, navy, airforce) and other niche applications (firefighters, divers, motor drivers). Over the years various projects and consultancy tasks have produced invaluable benefits for local and international industries.

The major areas of research activities include:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Slash and cut resistant materials and smart body armour shields.
  • Thermophysiological comfort for sports- and active-wear garments.
  • Novel technical nonwoven and knitted structures.
  • Atmospheric plasma coating and finishing
  • Durability of textile materials
  • Preparation and processing of preforms
  • Novel utilisation of textile waste materials
  • Geosynthetics