The speciality smart composites group is developing high performance composite materials and systems through improved functionality.

The group is a core partner within the NW Composites Centre, draws expertise and experience from other groups at CMRI and collaborates with the Mechanical Structures Research Group at the University.

It has established long standing relationships and collaborations with industry and delivers novel composite materials based innovations for automotive, aerospace, marine, defense and related sectors. Specific areas include:

  • Auxetic composites
  • Fire resistant structural composites
  • Functional thermoplastic composites
  • Technical fibre integrated lightweight structures
  • Reduced thermal distortion components
  • Embedded tandem micro-sensing and actuating systems
  • Gradient systems for morphing and adaptive structures
  • Dental healthcare composites
  • Personal protective wearable systems
  • Impact absorption systems
  • Embedded smart antiballistic systems