Performance Review

The University's annual review/appraisal process is known as Performance Review ('PR').  The purpose of the PR process is to allow employees to discuss their role and previous years objectives/targets with their line manager and agree new objectives/targets linked to any local plan of the School, Institute or Service for the forthcoming year and to determine what support (if any) will be required to achieve these objectives. 

Performance Review Policy

The policy contains guidance on the use of Performance Review forms and is applicable to all employees whether Academic or Professional Support.  

To support this policy the University has forms for use by those in Academic and Professional Support roles. The current versions of the forms can be accessed below. 

Academic Performance Review Form (as updated November 2017)

Off-Campus Performance Review Form (as updated 2017)

A Guide to Academic Performance Review 2016 (As updated 2017)           

Sample Completed Form

Professional Support Performance Review Form  (As Updated 2017)

Professional Support (Grade 1-3) Performance Review Self Assessment Form (New 2017)

Professional Support (Grade 1 -3) Performance Review Form (New 2017) 

A Guide to Professional Support Performance Review (New 2017)

If you have any questions of need any further information regarding the Performance Review Policy or the associated forms please contact your HR Business Partner.