Bolton Council and Bolton Care 4 Group in collaboration with the

University of Bolton undertook a project to develop a flexible model PMA_JPEG

for supported independent living in family owned homes for people

with learning disabilities., and a framework for planning their

housing and support needs.


Project Objectives:

• Improve understanding of the range of issues faced by families and their long term housing aspirations.

• Research the extent of the issue, providing statistical data on the numbers of families in this situation

• Identify current practice within Bolton Council and partner organisations

• Undertake a feasibility and viability study to gain a professional understanding of the options

• Undertake desktop research to identify good practice in this area

• Identify any working models that meet the needs of families

• Identify any legal precedents

• Identify any organisations that have expertise in this area

• Engage partner organisations who are willing to work with families to implement the model


Project Team:

John Slater - Housing and Disability Group, Bolton Council

Sue McNeil - Bolton Care 4 Group

University of Bolton

  • Dr Margaret Nelson
  • Dr Femi Olubodun
  • Rosemary Galway
  • Nooshin Akrami
  • Bobby Nisha Mohammed
  • Rukaya Abowen Dake


For further information, please contact:

Dr Margaret Nelson


Tel: +44(0)1204 903431