Research a dream of two halves – Keeping engineering research focused to the automotive industry and relevant in terms of usable applications

Dr Jane Howarth was a self-funded PhD student at the University of Bolton, who’s research culminated in a patented product which is now being commercially trialled by major car manufacturers.

The presentation will underline the importance of applications and ensure that the final area of research is realistic and innovative.

Dr Howarth's research substantiated that three-dimensional (3D) warp meshed spacer structures offer significant attributes that create sustainable production advantages in dry automotive exhaust systems for the car paint industry.

The advantages that are offered include improved airflow and the potential to combine to a composite solution with a high paint holding capacity, this concept of filtration also offers the possibility of a durable filter capable of industrial cleaning and can be reused numerous times. The findings describe the innovation of these 3D warp meshed spacer filters from theoretical and traditional filtration aspects; followed by an empirical characterisation which justifies commercial trials within the industry.

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9th November Masterclass Lecture

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The evnt will be held in the Main Lecture Theatre in Senate House:

17:45                 Assemble for Main event
18:00                 Main event - Dr Jane Howarth
19:00                 Q & A Session
19:15                 Closing remarks


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