How to apply to undertake a mobility for traineeship

If you would like to participate in Erasmus+, please speak with your Programme Leader and School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator in the first instance, and discuss your suitability for the scheme and an appropriate traineeship you could apply for.  You and your School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator will then liaise with the University's Erasmus+ Administrator at the University of Bolton, to approach your chosen host organisation and to complete the appropriate documentation. Students with special needs should contact indicating the nature of the support required to undertake mobility.

The following table documents the process of application.  Enquiries and applications to undertake a traineeship abroad must be made well in advance to assist with obtaining a traineeship and preparations.  


Application Process


Complete the University of Bolton’s Erasmus+ expression of interest form


Confirmation of approval of funding will be sent by the Erasmus+ Adminstrator to you, your Programme Leader and your School Erasmus Coordinator


Explore the opportunities. Visit ErasmusIntern to view available internships


Prepare a letter of motivation and application to the host institution/organisation


Once accepted, inform the University Erasmus+ Administrator, your Programme Leader and your School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator of the outcome of your application


Liaise with your Programme Leader, School Co-ordinator and the host institution or organisation on the content of your traineeship


Agree the content of the traineeship with your Programme Leader and host institution/organisation and complete the Erasmus+ Training Mobility Agreement

Guidance on completing the Learning Agreement


The Learning Agreement needs to be signed by the School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator and then passed on to the University Erasmus+ Administrator


You will liaise with the University Erasmus+ Administrator and your School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator to prepare for the mobility and to complete all the required documentation


You may undertake an online linguistic assessment to determine the level of language skills, and start language support


You will need to submit details of your travel arrangements to the Erasmus+ Administrator


Whilst undertaking the mobility you will keep in touch with your University of Bolton Programme Leader, School Erasmus+ Co-ordinator and University Erasmus+ Administrator

Any change in palns must be notified to the Erasmus+ Administrator, your Programme Leader and your School Erasmus Coordinator


After the mobility, you will liaise with the University Erasmus+ Administrator to complete documentation


You may be required to share your experience of the mobility at University events such as Open Days, TIRI Global Learning Week, Conferences etc as an Erasmus+ Ambassador



Health and Safety for outgoing students

  • You must ensure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) prior to undertaking the Erasmus+ exchange.  The EHIC is free and gives you access to healthcare.  For more information, please see
  • Our outgoing students can find useful information about the EHIC and how to apply for the card on the NHS website
  • Parental (or guardian) consent will be needed for students under 18.
  • You must undertake a risk assessment and have it approved by your Head of School prior to undertaking the mobility.
  • You must have appropriate insurance in place prior to undertaking the mobility.


Insurance for outgoing students

Prior to travelling to any location for the purposes of participating in an Erasmus+ mobility, you agree to organise any insurance cover required (e.g., European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), travel insurance, professional indemnity insurance, health insurance). Insurance can be arranged through the University of Bolton's insurers (at student's cost) and more information can be obtained from the University Erasmus+ Administrator or from the University of Bolton’s Finance Department.


It is important that all the appropriate documentation regarding the mobility is completed within set deadlines and the University Erasmus+ Administrator will guide the process. 

Checklist for Documentation

  • Expression of Interest form
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship
  • Risk Assessment
  • Letter of Agreement
  • Proof of insurance cover
  • Student report