Incoming Staff

The University of Bolton welcome staff from its Erasmus+ partner institutions to teach at the University.  We also welcome staff visiting as part of organisational development or for training. Staff from the other organisation are referred to as incoming staff. If you would like to undertake a mobility at the University of Bolton, please contact an appropriate member of our Erasmus+ team.


Outgoing Staff

University of Bolton staff can participate in Erasmus+.  They can undertake mobilities for organisational development (to set up partnerships), for teaching or for training purposes.  All University of Bolton staff mobilities for teaching must take place at one of the University’s Erasmus+ partner institutions.  University of Bolton staff who participate in Erasmus+ are referred to as outgoing staff.


Staff Mobility for Teaching

Teaching staff employed by the University of Bolton can apply to undertake a mobility for teaching under Erasmus+ at one of the University’s Erasmus+ partner institutions; there needs to be an inter-institutional agreement in place between the University of Bolton and the host institution. The teacher must deliver a minimum of eight hours per week or part of a week.


Staff Mobility for Training

Staff employed by the University of Bolton can apply to undertake a mobility for training under Erasmus+.  The mobility could take place at an HEI or other appropriate organisation and inter-institutional agreements with the University of Bolton are not required.  The mobility is for knowledge transfer, transfer of good practice, learning from shared experience, acquire practical skills and/or to discover new ideas for teaching and learning. Training events can include job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops.  Generally, attending conferences is not included. You can find opportunities for staff training at IMOTION


Selection Criteria

Where there are more staff wishing to undertake mobilities than places available, priority will be given to staff undertaking Erasmus+ mobility for the first time.  Staff will need the prior approval of their Head of School to undertake the mobility.



Staff mobilities are for a minimum of two days to a maximum of two months excluding travel time.

Please note: Grants only available for up to a maximum of 5 days plus 2 days travel.



Mobility grants are provided as contributions towards the cost of the mobility. Awards are in Euros and the EU conversion rate will be used.

2015-17 rate: 1 EUR = 0.7391 GBP

2016-18 rate: 1 EUR = 0.8617 GBP


Application Process

Before undertaking the mobility

  • Once you receive confirmation from the Erasmus team, formally agree the teaching or training programme with the host institution or organisation using the Staff Mobility Agreement (there needs to be evidence that the agreement is made prior to departure)
  • Complete the Staff Agreement for Teaching or the Staff Agreement for Training as appropriate. Complete a risk assessment, have it signed by your Head of School, and submit to the University of Bolton’s Erasmus Administrator
  • Complete the University of Bolton’s Notification of Intent to Travel form which is available in print copy from the Finance Department or School Administrators.  You must complete this form for insurance purposes.


Before leaving the host institution/organisation

  • Obtain documentary evidence from the host institution that the mobility has taken place with the start and end dates of the mobility confirmed. Please complete Part 1 of the post-mobility form to be signed and stamped by host institution.


On return

  • Complete your individual electronic report via EU Survey
  • Complete Part 2 of the post-mobility form
  • Disseminate your learning to colleagues


If you would like any of these forms in Word version, please email


Staff Expression of Interest for Mobility

  • Have you received the support of your Head of School/Department to undertake this mobility? (Please note that your mobility will not be approved until you have received the support of your Head of School/Department)
  • Name
  • Please note that the following four questions are required for the Erasmus form only, and do not affect your eligibility for mobility
  • Can you speak or write other languages?
  • You will be required to share your experience of the Erasmus mobility. Do you agree to participate in the dissemination of your Erasmus experience?