How long can I go for?

The period of study is a minimum of three months (or one academic term or semester).  The duration is calculated from the first day the student is required to be at the host organisation (e.g., including induction days) and the end date is the last date they need to be present at the host organisation (e.g. for examinations or to complete assignments).

Am I eligible to apply?

Students on the following courses at the University of Bolton are eligible:

  • degree course (up to and including Doctoral level),
  • recognised tertiary level qualification
  • Foundation Degree
  • Higher National Diploma

Students must be enrolled in at least the second year of higher education.  Students can be full-time or part-time (part-time students will need to study full-time during their mobility period).


Selection criteria

The University has limited places for students participating in an Erasmus+ mobility for study.   The following selection criteria apply:

  • the minimum language skills set by the host institution (if language of instruction is not English);
  • reference from an academic staff member;
  • academic performance;
  • previous mobility experience;
  • motivation;
  • suitable host institution to make an application to.



The timing of a mobility depends on the structure of the course the student is taking at the University of Bolton and the arrangements the University has with its Erasmus+ partners.  Normally, enquiries and applications to study abroad must be made well in advance of the deadline dates for applications.

Where can I go?

Mobilities for study can only take place at institutions which the University of Bolton has exchange agreements with – these agreements are called inter-institutional agreements. 


Language Requirements

Students who wish to study in another language apart from English will need to undertake an assessment of competence in the language of study before and after the mobility. This is mandatory, except where the student’s native language is the language of study.  Linguistic support is available online via the European Commission.


Modules and credits

Students will study modules related to their University of Bolton course, at the appropriate higher education level, and an appropriate number of credits.  The credits gained count towards the student’s University of Bolton course.  20 higher education credits from the University of Bolton, equates to 10 ECTS credits.  ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. Students taking a semester at a partner institution need to do equivalent to 60 higher education credits.  In liaison with the partner institution, Programme Leaders can assist students to select appropriate modules.    


Cost and Allowances

Eligible students receive an Erasmus+ grant, which contributes towards the costs of travel to and from the host country, the extra living costs arising from studying abroad, and other relevant expenses.  Students from disadvantaged groups and/or with disabilities (where participation would not be possible without additional financial support) can receive an additional supplement.  Erasmus+ grants are paid in addition to the standard grants and loans students are entitled to. 

Students do not pay any university fees (for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities, etc.) at the host Institution. However, there may be small fees charged at the host institution (e.g. trips and visits, student union, photocopying).  These charges would be on the same basis as they are charged to the local students. Outgoing students do not pay charges in connection with the organisation or administration of the mobility period.

Please note that students will still be required to pay their tuition fees to the University of Bolton during the mobility period.


Next Steps

If you would like to participate in the Erasmus+ programme, first please speak with your Programme Leader and discuss your suitability and an appropriate course of study you could apply for.  Once your Programme Leader has approved, please complete the expression of interest form below and then follow the steps under the application for a study mobility

  • Outgoing Student Erasmus+ Exchange Expression of Interest
    This form is to be fully completed by University of Bolton students who are interested in participating in the Erasmus+ Mobility programme
  • Untitled
  • Have you discussed the mobility with your School Erasmus Coordinator? (Please note that you need the approval of your Programme leader to undertake the Erasmus mobility)
  • The following two questions are for EU form filling purposes only and do not affect your eligibility for mobility
  • Interested In
  • Can you speak and write any other European languages?
  • Would you like to learn the language of your proposed host country?
  • You will be required to share your experience of the Erasmus mobility as a University Erasmus Ambassador. Do you agree to participate in the dissemination of your Erasmus experience?