Q) How do I apply for ERASMUS+ learning mobility?

A) In the first instance, discuss with your academic group co-ordinator. You can find more information on applying as follows: Outgoing Students click here; Incoming Students click here; Staff click here


Q) Where do I get information about funding?

A) The allowances for ERASMUS+ differ depending on the country you will be visiting. For more information about funding and allowances, please email erasmus@bolton.ac.uk


Q) What courses/modules are available at UOB for Erasmus+ students? 

A) All modules are taught in English, and students may study any modules which are available during the duration of their exchange, and which have no pre-requisites. Where there are pre-requisite modules, students will need to demonstrate competence in those areas. In the first instance please email the ERASMUS+ coordinator for the subject area you are interested in


Q) Can I receive more information or promotional material about ERASMUS+?

A) Further information about the ERASMUS+ programme can be obtained by emailing erasmus@bolton.ac.uk


Q) I have enquiries about internship enquiries

A) Enquiries about internships should be directed to erasmus@bolton.ac.uk


Q) Can I undertake ERASMUS+ exchange for short visits?

A) As a student the minimum period for an exchange visit under ERASMUS+ is one semester. For staff exchanges it is 2 days. Student groups interested in short study visits (teaching or research) of less than one semester should send their enquiries to erasmus@bolton.ac.uk


Q) I am interested in setting up a new inter-institutional agreement. What do I do?

A) In the first instance please complete the expression of interest form and email to erasmus@bolton.ac.uk