• Directorate of
    Institutional Advancement


The Directorate of Institutional Advancement (DIA) is designed to implement positive change, increase brand awareness and to support the strategic initiatives of the University of Bolton.

The DIA oversee the delivery of Key Strategic Priorities on demand, ensure that strategic projects are handed over and embedded in the normal operations of key academic areas and maintain a set of activities that are continuous for the DIA.

The DIA support students’, staff and external stakeholders’ ambition to shine and work with them to help showcase their talents. The DIA operates within the following University divisions and activities: The Vice Chancellor’s office; Student Affairs (Student Experience- students’ Union-Student services); Business Development; Athletics; Human Resources; The International Office; Finance; careers Office; Market and Corporate Intelligence; Recruitment- Admissions (customers service); Research (promotion); All University Schools; Off-Campus Division; Communications (External, Internal –All Institutional Media Relations); Web & Digital; Media relations; Fundraising and Development; Alumni; Events; CSR; Publications and Strategic Initiatives.

To collaborate with the DIA, please complete a request form - situated at the foot of each function’s description - and you will receive a prompt response. Completing the request form enables the DIA to keep audit records and your line manager’s sign-up helps to ensure that the request fits your team’s strategic objectives.

We look forward to working with you.