The University of Bolton's position on international collaboration 

The University of Bolton considers its international collaborative provision as a core activity within the University.  

One of the distinctive features of the University is that it has one of the largest percentages of adult and part-time learners within its student population. It therefore has very well developed expertise and associated support facilities for the high-quality delivery of flexible teaching and distributed learning.  

There are a number of features that are special about the academic programmes that the University of Bolton delivers overseas|

 The University has a strong concept of "partnership" which underpins all of its work overseas.  It recognizes that the interests of both sides of the partnership needs to be accommodated within any successful collaborative activity. The University thus has a reputation amongst its partners for being both responsive and flexible. As a small university, it has the capability to move quickly as a whole university. Proof of the University's abilities in this respect is shown by the development, with its partners WINC, of the new campus in Ras al Khaimah  |within just 6 months. 

The University is particularly interested in developing partnerships which have the scope to develop and expand over time.  It therefore anticipates that any partnership will represent a dynamic relationship; the initial attributes and expertise that each partner brings to the table will change over time as both sides learn from each other.   The ultimate aim is for an enhanced relationship, resulting from increased trust and confidence, which then  empowers the partnership to develop more ambitious and innovative collaborative activity.   

For further information about the University of Bolton's international activities or for approaches concerning future collaborative activity, please contact: 

Fozia Uddin - Establishment Services Manager - International 
The University of Bolton
Deane Road
Bolton      BL33 5AB
United Kingdom

Tel:   +44 (0) 1204 903970