The University of Bolton delivers a number of programmes in several countries working in collaboration with international Partners


What is special about Bolton programmes in other countries?

  • The University has a very strong reputation for teaching quality.

It has over thirteen years of experience of delivering programmes overseas.

The University has received the top recommendations in all the most recent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) audits. In the most recent QAA audit the University was commended for "the responsiveness and support demonstrated by the University at all levels to its collaborative partners and students; from the initial proposal of new collaborative partnerships through to their implementation and operation"   


  • The typical Bolton  programme delivered overseas involves "Flying Faculty"

i.e. face-to-face teaching from Bolton academics for all or part of each module.

Local support staff are normally available to support a student working through their studies and can offer assistance by helping the student prepare for their assignments.

The programmes are also strongly supported by a Virtual Learning Environment and the University Library has one of the biggest collections of eBooks and eJournals within the UK. 


  • Most of the programmes are designed for those in full-time employment.

They are delivered in intensive blocks over weekends and/or evenings.

Study guides for each module are provided to support self-learning.

Many assignments are work-based.


  • The qualifications obtained overseas are directly equivalent to those awarded at Bolton.

The assessments are moderated at the same exam boards with the same external examiners.

The Degree Certificates are the same irrespective of where the degree has been awarded.


  • Fees are set at competitive levels and can normally be paid in instalments.

This is despite the fact that the University uses the more expensive mode of delivery using "Flying Faculty as opposed to franchising the whole programme to the international partner.