Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth, who lived in Palestine two thousand years ago, was the Messiah (or Christ) whom the prophets of Judaism had spoken about in the Hebrew Scriptures. Christians also believe that Jesus was the incarnation of God unique in history. He taught that God is the creator and Father of all humankind who has made his love available to every human being.

His death on the cross is seen as an act of atonement for all the evils that are done in the world and his resurrection from the dead is seen as offering new life and hope to

For Christians, the Spirit of God is present in the world working for forgiveness, healing, peace and moral challenge. The Spirit calls believers together for worship and community in the world-wide church. Down the centuries this church has split into a number of denominations which are now being brought together again through the ecumenical movement. Christians worship in many different ways and in many different kinds of buildings.

They see service to their neighbour as being an essential part of their calling. Christians make up 33% of the world's population.

The major festivals are:

Some other festivals:

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