Here are a few web sites which you may find interesting. Let us know on if you come across an interesting site.

Home of Jim Cotter and offers bold, relevant reflections on contemporary issues with a realistic and earthy spirituality.

Church of England Prayer Resources
Prayers on topical subjects, daily prayer and some helpful guidance about how to pray.

Explore Faith
Among the better of the US Christian sites. Information about spirituality of the major world faiths.

Episcopal Church of St John in the Wilderness
Lots of teaching material including articles on spirituality.

A movement which celebrates all life as deeply connected and sacred. This brings together the rigour of science, the freedom of creativity, the passion of social action and the wisdom of spiritual traditions.

John O'Donohue
John O'Donohue was an Irish poet and philosopher who lived in the solitude of a cottage in the West of Ireland. John's poetic gift was being increasingly recognized by the Corporate World of Work where he speaks to themes such as: Leadership: The Awakening of CreativityWithout Vision, The Work-Place Works Against Itself and The Gift of Encouragement in Times of Anxiety.

Pray as you Go
Daily prayer downloads for MP3 players. Combines music, Scripture and some questions for reflection.

Praying Each Day
A prayer and education site of the De La Salle Brothers in Great Britain. As well as daily prayer, there is a wealth of resource material.

Sea of Faith Network UK
The Network explores the implications of accepting religion as a human creation and affirms the continuing validity of religious thought and practice as celebrations of spiritual and social values.