These quotations are taken from a wide range of sources and are offered to members of the University of Bolton by the Chaplaincy as "A Thought for the Week" for reflection and response. The quotations do not represent the views or policy of either the Chaplaincy or The University of Bolton. 

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27 Oct 2014

In an address given soon after World War II, Einstein recognised that the world’s problems needed both scientific cooperation and spiritual understanding between nations:

We are here to take counsel with each other. We must build spiritual and scientific bridges linking the nations of the world.

Albert Einstein
(Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, October 1948)

20 Oct 2014

People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who are always rejoicing at what they already have.

Richard Carlson
(exact source of quotation not found)

Richard Carlson (1961-2006) was an author and psychotherapist.

13 Oct 2014

It’s not differences that divide us. It’s our judgements about each other that do.

Margaret Wheatley
(from 'Turning to One Another', Berrett-Koehler: 2009)

Margaret Wheatley is co-founder of The Berkana Institute (

6 Oct 2014

Chief Rabbi Mirvis spoke on Thought for the Day (BBC Radio 4, 1/10/2014) about Yom Kippur or ‘Day of Atonement’ which this year falls on 4 October. His theme was that it is ‘doing’ which matters, not just good intentions or thoughts. And he said...

The essence of a meaningful life is the pursuit of constructive positive deeds.

Chief Rabbi Mirvis
(Thought for the Day, BBC Radio 4, 1/10/2014)

29 Sep 2014

We are restarting our Thought for the Week with a quotation about our life-long learning - this is a challenge to all of us:

The biggest obstacle to learning something new is the belief that you already know it.

Zen Master (source unknown)