Here is a small selection of the many books, organisations, journals and web resources concerned with the relationship between science and belief.

1. Books

1.1 General interest – easy to read

Kitty Ferguson "The Fire in the Equations: Science, Religion and the Search for God" Bantam 1994 / Templeton Foundation Press 2004. A popular readable account of discussion of scientific discoveries and their impact on beliefs.

Alister McGrath "Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life" Blackwell 2005. A good response to Dawkins' scientific atheism.

Michael Poole "User's Guide to Science and Belief" Lion 2007. Excellent easy to read introduction. Discusses the issues of cause and purpose, evidence, design, miracles, the Galileo affair, evolution.

Russell Stannard "Here I am!" Faber & Faber 1993. A story for 11/12 year olds but suitable for any age. It tackles the science/religion issues of creation & evolution, miracles and evil & suffering.

1.2 General interest and study – more effort required

Ian Barbour "When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers or Partners" SPCK / HarperOne 2000. Discusses the relationship of science and religion in a number of areas including the Big Bang, evolution and human nature.

John Hedley Brooke "Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives" CUP 1991. An historical approach showing that the idea that science and religion have always been in conflict is too simplistic.

Philip Clayton (ed) "The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science" OUP 2008. Includes articles by experts on many major world religions (and atheism) and scientific disciplines.

Thomas Dixon "Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction" OUP 2008. An excellent concise summary of the field.

Arthur Peacocke "Paths from Science towards God: an end to all our exploring" Oneworld 2001. Applies scientific ideas to religious belief. Provocative and persuasive. Not an easy read.

Christopher Southgate (ed) "God, Humanity and the Cosmos" T&T Clark 2005. A comprehensive textbook with contributions from scientists and theologians covering, for example, physics, evolutionary biology, psychology, science and education, and the ecological crisis.

Keith Ward "God, Chance and Necessity" One World 1996. Point by point refutation of scientific atheism.

2. Organisations, Journals and Web Resources

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in the USA ( is dedicated to teaching and research, focusing on Christian theology. Publishes the journal Theology and Science.

Christians in Science ( is a group of mainly professional scientists who are linked with the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) and sponsor the journal Science and Christian Belief (

Counterbalance Foundation ( is an interactive on-line library on complex issues relating science, ethics, philosophy and religion.

European Society for the Study of Science and Theology ESSSAT ( is a scholarly organisation promoting the study between the natural sciences and theological views.

Ian Ramsey Centre ( is a part of the Theology Faculty in the University of Oxford founded for the study of religious beliefs in relation to the sciences and medicine.

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science ( in the USA takes the natural world seriously as a primary source of meaning and is a co-publisher of the journal, Zygon.

International Society for Science and Religion ( promotes education through the support of inter-disciplinary learning and research in a multi-faith context.

Science and Religion Forum ( is an open group which promotes discussion between current scientific understanding and different belief systems.

Science & Spirit ( is an American magazine which explores issues relating to everyday lives.

Society of Ordained Scientists ( is a fellowship of ordained members of a Christian Church who have some experience of science, medical science or technology at a professional level.

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