The Chaplaincy is located at the end of Chancellor's Mall, on the ground floor of Eagle Tower.

Times of opening

The Chaplaincy is open at all times when there is access to the library including its out-of-hours opening, except when the University is closed for a long period, for example, over the Christmas closure.

The Chaplaincy Office

The Chaplaincy Office is where you will find the Co-ordinating Chaplain or one of the volunteer Chaplains or Pastoral Assistants. If you want to contact a Chaplain and there is no-one in the Office, you will find all the Chaplains' contact details here.

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Use of the Chaplaincy facilities

The Chaplaincy facilities may be used by any member of the University (staff or student) as well as Governors, the Chaplaincy Team and guests of the University.

Pop in and have a look around. Chat to anyone who is in the Office - who could be a Chaplain or Pastoral Assistant.

prayer Room

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is open to all but is designed specifically to help Muslim staff and students fulfil their religious duties. Shoes must be removed in the designated area and placed in the rack provided. Males and females are asked to use the different areas separated by the curtains.

There is a list of Prayer Times (Salah) in the Resource Area and copies available to take away. The Prayer Times can also be downloaded here. Separate Ablution Facilities (Wudu) for males and females are provided. You can find details about Jummah Salah (Friday Prayers) on the Events page.

quiet Room

Quiet Room

You may use the Quiet Room for your own personal use (for prayer, meditation, contemplation or simply being quiet) except when the room is being used for a group event. You may use audio-visual facilities but please be sensitive to the needs of others. No lighted candles are alllowed. 

You may book the room for a group event which should normally be of a spiritual, religious or similar nature.

The current bookings are displayed on the Quiet Room door.

resource Area

Resource Area

The Resource Area is the entrance to the Chaplaincy. Here you will find lots of leaflets to take away about different world-views and local worship places.

There are also books to borrow about many different faiths and belief systems. To borrow a book, just write the book details and your contact details in the "Books for Borrowing".

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A few rules

External Speakers invited into the University need authorisation. For those leading prayers or discussions and those giving sermons or talks of a religious or similar nature, authorisation is obtained through the Chaplaincy. The following form should be completed 15 working days before the event:

Display material (books, pamphlets and notices) needs to be authorised by one of the chaplains.

The facilities shall only be used in ways which are consistent with the Equal Opportunities Policy of the University and by those whose behaviour is consistent with the Equal Opportunities Policy. Everyone must leave the Chaplaincy tidy and so that it can be used immediately by others.

Those not abiding by this notice shall be referred to the Student Services Manager who may withdraw the privilege of the use of the facility.