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The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team is a bunch of people with very different beliefs, faiths and traditions:

  • Our Co-ordinating Chaplain  does what the title says: coordinates the Chaplaincy service, which focuses on anything to do with spirituality, faith and beliefs.
  • Our Chaplains come into the university on a voluntary basis to run events and support students and staff.
  • Our Pastoral Assistants are good at listening and can support you through difficult times – or just see them to have a chat. They can also put you in touch with any of the Chaplains. They are volunteers who usually come in weekly and you will often see them in the Mall or Athena Café.
  • Our Chaplaincy Adminstrator is one of our volunteer Pastoral Assistants who helps in the Chaplaincy Office. If you have a query, she may be able to help - or know someone who can. 
  • The Chaplaincy Advisers are those of faiths, traditions or worldviews not represented by our Chaplains and are available to give advice about their particular belief, philosophy or worldview.

We are all here to help you whatever your belief, faith or world-view. You can contact any of the Chaplains, Chaplaincy Advisers or Pastoral Assistants and most of the Chaplains direct using the menu above.

The Chaplaincy facilities

You will find us at the end of Chancellor's Mall on the ground floor of Eagle Tower. We have a Quiet Room, Prayer Room, Resource Area - plus an office where the Chaplains and Assistants hang out.


Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.

D Elton Trueblood