The Careers Service works with students and graduates to enhance their career prospects but we cannot do this on our own!  Working with you , we can help our students to develop the right employability skills which will prepare them for a graduate career. Together, we can also raise employers' awareness of why the University of Bolton should be a preferred source of graduate recruits.

There are many ways in which the Careers Service can work with staff in order to help improve the employability and career management skills of your students.  They include:

Working within programmes

The Careers Service are happy to provide a range of bespoke career sessions, and adapt content to suit your specific subject area.  We can also provide further careers-related support for PDP activities.

Employer Visits

We attend many external visits to employers on a local, regional and national basis in order to gather information about particular job sectors and appropriate graduate recruitment schemes.  If you are looking to deliver an employer event, or need help in sourcing a suitable employer to deliver a lecture then please let us know.

Destination of Leavers Data

We gather information from the Destination of Leavers Survey on an annual basis, and can provide staff training and supporting materials to help you understand how well your students are doing in the graduate market.  If you want specific course information then please contact Julie Bateman, Head of Careers and Employability on ext 3642.

Information and Resources

We can provide a range of careers and employability related information on a range of professions, industry sectors, salaries, employer and voluntary organisations, trends and destinations.  Please let us know what you need!  We have also developed a range of career planning guides written by our staff, which cover a range of topics such as how to write a good CV and covering letter, how to cope at interviews and how to network.  

Orientation of the Careers Centre

Careers Service staff will be happy to show students round the careers office, and point out all the relevant sources of information and support that is available.  We understand that career decision making is a daunting prospect for any student, so if you want to arrange for a group visit please contact us first on 903080.

How Staff Can Help

As a member of staff you can help to support the Careers Service in the following ways:

  1. Promoting and raising awareness of the Careers Service with your students
  2. Inviting us in to present information to your students
  3. Referring students to the Careers Service website
  4. Sharing your employer contacts
  5. Working with the Careers Champions to develop careers provision within your department
  6. Disseminating relevant information to your students about the Service and events taking place
  7. Promoting the Job Shop to students who are looking for work
  8. Encourage your students to access the annual career development programme