Choosing which course and which university to go to, can be a daunting experience. It is not easy to figure out a career that is right for you or a course that will help you to prepare for it. There are countless career possibilities and a variety of educational paths to them.

If you are looking to study here at the University of Bolton, then the Careers Service can help you with the following:

  • Information on entry routes into Higher Education
  • Careers information, advice and guidance when choosing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Information on employment and placement opportunities
  • Advice on ways to enhance your career prospects
  • Information on career opportunities after graduation


You can also check out details of all of the University of Bolton Open Days here


Useful Information for Future Students

Before you make that final decision, do your research!  Some of the key points to think about are:

  • Research the range of subject areas available within High Education.
  • Find out more about student funding.
  • Gain an understanding of where your degree can take you in the future.
  • Understand how employers may view different degree disciplines.
  • Discover what students think of their course of study and their University.


Course and University Research

The following websites will help you with the above research and act as a useful starting point when comparing courses and universities:

  • UCAS: An independent charity providing information, advice and admissions services to help students progress.
  • GOV.UK: Help in finding and applying for university courses.
  • Unistats: Official website for comparing UK higher education course data.
  • Best Course 4 Me: Independent service set up to help students understand the various paths available to them within education.


Seeking Further Advice and Guidance Across the UK

The following organisations will provide free advice and guidance:

  • National Careers Guidance Service: The National Careers Guidance Service provides information, advice and guidance across England to help you make decisions.  The service offers confidential and impartial advice.
  • My World of Work: Providing information, advice and guidance to residents of Scotland.
  • Careers Wales: Providing information, advice and guidance to residents of Wales.
  • Prospects: Helping you to explore 'What can I do with my degree in...'


National Graduate Data and Information

  • What do graduates do?: Have a look at the 'national picture'.  The information will examine what graduates do six months after leaving university.