In the same way that you can use networking events, and friends and family to find a job, you can use online social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to source useful leads, hunt for vacancies, and market yourself to prospective employers. Using social media you should be able to:

  • Find the key contacts in each organisation
  • Identify the main players in the career sectors that interest you and the projects they are currently working on
  • Access job postings
  • Build your own personal online presence or brand

Employers use social media to recruit because:

It is cheaper than other methods, has better coverage and reaches more relevant candidates. They look for people with a professional image, good communication skills and those who seem to fit both personally and professionally with the job requirements.

A recent survey by SHL showed that less than 40% of graduates would consider marketing themselves online.  In some industries such as creative media it is vital, in others it is not so important, but having a professional online presence does show your willingness to engage in new ways of working.

So get started if you have not done so already.  Once you have online profiles it is important to make regular updates.  If you have a twitter account, you should tweet every day.  Blog and website posts should be updated once a week.  An out-of-date online presence is nearly as bad as none at all.     


Check out the Guardian article 'A beginner's guide to finding a job using social media'