The Careers Service is committed to delivering a high quality, effective service for all of it's stakeholder groups.  Below you will find a range of information on how we are performing as a Service against our standards.

In 2016/17 we reviewed our standards based on our successful re-accreditation of CSE and also on staff and student feedback.  Our new standards are listed below.

Careers Service Standards 2016/17


 Expected Standard  Monitoring Performance 
We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming environment in which to discuss and explore our customer's career plans and opportunities. Monitored by the student survey undertaken annually across Careers and Student Services. 

Student survey results:

Private interview facilities are available upon request for all stakeholders. Two interviews rooms are available and monitored for usage.  All appointments are now booked using Student Hub which allocates appointment slots to a specific room therefore reduces chance of double booking.  No isses recorded with room availability to date.  Bookings all undertaken via online system.  Additional desk/computer available in the main office should a problem occur (March 2017)
The Careers Office is open 8.45 - 5.00pm Monday to Friday and is accessible to all Office opening hours published on website  To date, during the academic year 2016/17 there have been no office closures (March 2017)



 Expected Standard Monitoring  Performance 
The Careers Service will provide a range of delivery methods to suport customers with advice and guidance Statistics of students accessing the different forms of support.

Evidenced by Careers Service statistics for:

All CV queries received by email will be dealt with within 5 working days. All CV queries are logged, and responses are recorded to ensure they are dealt with.

Evidenced by CV-guidance log for 2016/17 (contains confidential data)

Since September 2016 98.7% success in meeting our target.

Information about how the Careers Service is performing against its standards will be published on the Careers website.

Performance data included on the website

Evidenced by Careers Service website updates
The Careers team will offer an annual programme of 50 generic workshops in order to ensure engagement with the careers agenda.  These will be delivered on different days and times to accommodate all.

Information displayed on website and via flyers, targeted emails  All feedback from workshops recorded.

Evidenced by workshop feedback
Information about student engagement with the Bolton Award will be published on the Careers Service website.

Performance data included on the website

Evidenced by Bolton Award data:


Expected Standard  Monitoring   Performance
All Careers Advisers hold a recognised, professional careers qualification. HR Records  Certificates and qualifications checked at the recruitment stage and copies of all documents kept on file. 
All staff ensure that their skills and knowledge are kept up to date by undertaking, reflecting and recording 20 hours (pro rata) of continuous professional development Staff development record card and PDP paperwork 

All staff have undertaken training and development in 2016/17 with a total of 73 hours recorded at the end of March 2017.


All staff have an annual PDP and review after 6 months Staff PDP paperwork 

Staff PDP undertaken twice a year.  Records kept.

By February 2017 all staff members have had their first review meeting.  Second reviews expected by the end of June 2017.


 Expected Standard Monitoring   Performance
All Careers Service hand outs produced internally are up-to-date and relevant, and provide accurate links and information. All Careers Service handouts produced internally are checked for accuracy and relevance every 12 months.  Monitoring record sheet available with staff responsibilities and timescales.

All Careers Service hand outs have been checked for accuracy within the last 12 months, therefore 100% success rate.

As a result: 21 have been reviewed and updated, 2 new hand outs have been produced for 2016/17.

See:Internal Resources Log 2016/17

We aim to ensure that the Careers Service website and Job Shop facility is available 24 hours a day all year round. Networking data 

No down time recorded or reported via networking data to date

(March 2017)

All web links and digital information from external sources is correct, appropriate and relevant for Careers Service customers. All web links and digital information from external sources will be checked for accuracy before being included on our website/promoted via our hand outs.  Careers Service Quality group notes/log available.  See Quality Group Notes for 2016/17


Employer Engagement

Expected Standard  Monitoring   Performance
The Careers Service will provide an update on employer engagement each year based on vacancies advertised, jobs viewed and the number of employers added to the new Student Hub system.  (employers started using this in Sept.16).

Employer engagement statistics gathered on a monthly basis         

Student Hub is a new system for 2016/17.  Employers have only just started to use it to advertise vacancies.  Baseline taken this year for future target setting.