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In June 2015 four of the professional services at the University, Careers, Reception, the Library and Student Services achieved the Customer Service Excellence Standard following a joint submission. But that is not where it ends as every 12 months the assessor comes back to check that progress has been made on the points made on his first visit and that those involved are still committed to a process of continuous improvement. 

In June 2016 the assessor spent a day on site talking to staff and students and checking that the information which we had submitted prior to his visit was accurate. 

He acknowledged the significant developments that had taken place and the initiatives undertaken to improve services to students. In recognition of this he awarded us Compliance Plus for two aspects of our work; for the number of positive changes and improvement to services and service provision as a result of customer insight and staff feedback, and for the particular efforts made in identifying and providing services to hard-to-reach groups and disadvantaged individuals. 

This was in addition to the Compliance Plus awarded following the accreditation visit in 2015 for the comprehensive framework for monitoring key performance targets and telling students about the results. 

So the four teams can continue to display the CSE logo for another year. 

Click on the following link for 2016 Assessment Report:  

University of Bolton June 2016 Assessment