Meet our 2017 Team

TEDxUniversityofBolton is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit event.
We rely on a large number of people to share their time, ideas and experience to help make our event a success.

Our event is run by a team of exceptional students and supported by dedicated staff members of the University of Bolton.

TEDxUniversityofBolton seeks to extend the TED experience at a regional level, highlighting exceptional ideas, inspiring people and creative works within our community. We explore big questions with a broad spirit of inquiry. We strive to connect people across disciplines and create conversations that drive action. Beyond the organisation of TEDxUniversityofBolton, our team form a fresh and dynamic community, always evolving and in search of new ideas and projects to share.

We are global citizens, We love TED talks and We want to share this experience with our community: The University of Bolton and beyond!

Arthur Kaddu
Aymen Mohamed
Barry Jewell
Becky Barnes
Bianca Rumsey
Caitlin Cowan
Chathurika Kannangara
Chris Harper
Dan Waldon
Dorcas Ishaya
Emilia Hargreaves
Flore Gode Bolefo
Furqan Chaudhry
Gareth Weston
Georgia Wells
Ian Smith
Ianis Matsoukas
Jack Cook
James Drake
Jason Lowe
Jess Adshead
Jessica Richardson
Jonas Walls
Jonathan Burden
Konstantina Kyriakopoulou
Mamadu Cande
Mark Durkin
Mark Scullion
Mark Williamson
Mateusz Golebiewski
Megan Robinson
Mohamed Sano
Nafisa Ahmed
Natalia Orzechowska
Ni Wang
Nicolay Armando
Nicole Dimambro
Nono Khoza
Noor-Ul-Ann Ahmed
Nurun Nahar
Paul Ward
Rahma Ibraahim
Raz Riaz
Riri Husain
Ryan Bentley
Sadia Riaz
Sharleigh Wood
Stacey Johnson
Yamin Bux
Yaseen Basri
Yusuf Giga
Zoe Law