The University of Bolton Library is committed to helping people get the most out of its facilities. The following additional services are offered to anyone with a disability of any kind within the Library.

To find out more about the wide range of support available from the University of Bolton please visit the Services for Disabled Students web pages.


Getting Around the Library

Download a copy of the Library floor plan [PDF, A4]


Library Floor Plan 2013



Enhanced Services

Provision of additional services for users is matched to the specific needs of each individual. If you are registered with the University as having a need for additional learning support, we can provide:

  1. A hands-on introduction to our facilities and software using an appointment system.
  2. A copy of our induction booklet available from our website.
  3. Copies, on request, of most in-house publications in large print format or on CD.
  4. Flexible loan arrangements. However, this may not be possible for the most popular items. Loans will also be subject to recall and fines if overdue.
  5. Assistance with the Library self-issue system, if required.
  6. Facilities for a named helper, who can use Library facilities on your behalf. Please arrange through the Disability Service.
  7. Inter-Library loan requests by post. For further information please see the Inter-Library Loans service web page.
  8. Subject searches of electronic resources and the Internet. Contact your Subject Librarian to arrange for searches to be done for you.
  9. Advice on your subject. Subject Librarians are available to help choose materials for you. Please ask your Subject Librarian or at the Information Desk.
  10. A photocopying service for those with a visual impairment or mobility problem. We aim to guarantee a 24 hour service i.e. collect after 24 hours.Charges are the same as for self-service copies.
  11. Help with reaching material from shelves. Ask any member of staff for assistance. 
  12. Help with checking reading lists and finding books, for those with a visual impairment or mobility problem. Ask at the Library Desk for help. Requests will normally be dealt with within 4 hours.

Assistive Technology & Equipment

The Library facilities include multimedia networked computers that can access the internet, email and electronic services, as well as all the normal networked software. 

Additionally, Read & Write Gold 8 and Inspiration 8 are available on specific PCs in the Library.

Specialist hardware and software to assist students with disabilities includes:

  1. Screen reader/magnifier software
  2. Dictation software
  3. CCTV viewers
  4. Ergonomic chairs
  5. Footrests
  6. Document holders

Help & Support

The Library staff are happy to help you. If you would like a personal tour of the Library please contact your Subject Librarian to make an appointment. Alternatively contact the Library Desk.

For instruction in the use of specialist software, hardware and equipment, please arrange an appointment via Dave Percival.

An email discussion group is available. Click here to send a message to the Enable Team

Please email the group with any issues or suggestions you might have, or contact Trevor Hodgson, 01204 903160, who is responsible for the Library's policy for students with need for additional learning support.


Awareness Leaflets

  1. Library Services for students with additional learning support requirements [PDF]
  2. Asperger Syndrome Awareness [PDF]
  3. D/deaf Awareness [PDF]
  4. Dyslexia Awareness [PDF]
  5. Dyspraxia Awareness [PDF]
  6. Mental Health Awareness [PDF]


Internet Resources

You may also be interested in looking at these other web sites. Let us know if you have any suggestions for other useful sites.

The Disability Rights Commission

Deals with individual cases of discrimination, promotes best prctice and lobbies for legal and policy changes.


Provides information on funding.


Royal National Institute for the Blind.


The Royal National Institute for the Deaf.


The British Dyslexia Association.

National Autistic Society

Leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome)


The Mental Health charity

SKILL: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities 

Promotes opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of disability in post-16 education, training and employment.


A JISC funded service supporting the further and higher education community in all aspects of technology and disabilities and/or learning difficulties.