Scholarly journals and trade publications provide details of current and past original research on specific topics carried out by academics or industry experts. Use the detailed examples given in articles to reinforce the arguments and theories you have found in textbooks.

Journal articles provide the quality academic information that is required for your studies. The top quality journals are subject to a quality control called process peer-review. Peer-reviewed articles are only published after they have been scrutinised and deemed fit for publication by other professionals experienced in a relevant academic field.

Journals are published several times per year. Most are available online, but some are available in print format in the library. See the sections below on how to access and search for journal articles.

When you are researching a topic individual journals may be of limited use. Only consult individual titles if you have been asked to consult a specific journal or journal article by your tutor. Generally, if you are researching academic information for an assignment, you should use an academic database to search for journal articles. See the academic databases section for further help. You can find and access any recommended journals and the databases relevant to you via the module reading list in Reading Lists Online. See the help section on the Library website for further details about Reading Lists Online. It is possible to search multiple databases simultaneously via Discover@Bolton. See our Discover@Bolton section for further information.


Using Journal Articles

If you were asked to critique a journal article, would you know how to?

Learning how to critique a journal article is a key skill essential for your academic assignments. This presentation will help you develop, improve and expand your critiquing skills.


Watch the following video to hear an academic's advice on using journals in your academic work.

Using journals in your academic work

Transcript of using journals in your academic work [DOC]



If you wish to photocopy from print journals or download from e-journals you must adhere to copyright laws, see our copyright guidelines for details.


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