In doing a comprehensive literature search, you may find that some of the resources you find are not available via the University of Bolton Library (it’s an item we don’t purchase or subscribe to).

Anything we don’t have in stock, can be ordered via the Inter-Library Loan service.

Other option is to visit another university library where you may be able to access books and other materials as part of the SCONUL access scheme. You can check COPAC or SUNCAT to see which other libraries stock the material you require.


On occasion you may find the electronic information you require is available online, some research is available freely through Google Scholar. We have a cribsheet [PDF] to help with using Google Scholar.  The amount of open access content available on the web is ever-increasing. Check out the Freely Available Resources on the web [PDF] cribsheet for more details.


Owl's Top Hoot

Research is produced on a daily basis, so, to keep on top of your research area, you may want to read the Keeping Up To Date [PDF] cribsheet for information on creating electronic alerts etc.