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Dream NEW scholarships

Written by Johnson, Adam

Scholarships to be awarded for a semester abroad in New Zealand

For our latest “Dream NEW” scholarship, we’re seeking adventurous students looking to venture beyond a ‘normal’ life while dreaming of the impossible and reaching for the stars. The awarding of the scholarship is not based on grades, semester or subject of study.

A total of 25 scholarships with a combined value of 60,300 GBP will be awarded for a semester abroad in New Zealand.

Everyone is welcome to apply – more info click here

12,320 more scholarships: Besides the scholarship mentioned above, there are over 12,300 additional scholarship programmes available for you that are worth considering. With just a few clicks, our multi-award winning scholarship search engine selects and displays for you 10 – 15 scholarship programmes and other funding opportunities that fit your needs. Our sophisticated matching process makes it possible to compare your profile with the scholarship programmes in our database. Featuring more than 12,300 scholarship programmes with a combined value of 23,6 billion GBP per year, European Funding Guide is by far Europe’s largest scholarship platform.

My 3 reasons why you should absolutely apply for scholarships:

1) More than 28 awarding criteria play a role in your chances as a recipient, such as birth place, subject of study or gender. No one can say straightaway what their chances are of being awarded a scholarship. Yet even without high grades, your prospects are good!

2) 23,6 billion GBP in scholarships are awarded in Europe per year.

 3) Many scholarship providers don’t receive enough applications. This lack of recipients means that every year millions of euros in available scholarship funds can’t be distributed.


PS: Here’s a tip for you. Since many foundations only offer one application deadline per year, it’s best to start with your scholarship search right away. Don’t let something avoidable like missing deadlines limit your chances. Plus, the search only takes two minutes.


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