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Parking at the University of Bolton. A message from the Police!

Written by Johnson, Adam

Dear Driver,

It has come to our attention from local residents that there is a parking problem on Rothwell Street,Faringdon Walk,Ashbury Close,Shaw Street and the surrounding streets. This is causing problems for vehicles gaining access to and from the area. The peak times for these parking issues are 8am and 4pm onwards.


The issues raised are as follows :

  • Double parking
  • Parking on street corners / kerbs – leaving little room for prams etc
  • Preventing free-flowing traffic
  • Parking in front of driveways(restricting access or exit)
  • Parking on Dropped Kerbs(preventing access for mobility scooters)

Officers  will be patrolling the areas at the start and end of the day and making a note of vehicles (including registration numbers), which are parked without thought for others.

If you are caught or seen acting in a manner that we feel is inappropriate we will be taking further action. This may be in the form of:

  • Fixed Penalty Notice ( OBSTRUCTION) your vehicle may be removed.
  • Requirement to produce valid documents to a Police Officer
  • Fixed penalty fines

Any person seen acting in an anti-social manner when asked to comply with the above may be given a penalty notice for disorder. This includes:

  • Using language or actions of an abusive nature
  • Refusing to leave an area if asked

This will take effect immediately

We are hoping that by working together we can make our community safer.



Thank You

Great Lever Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

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