Volunteering Awards

Written by Haslam, Brett

The University of Bolton recognises the value of volunteering for students.  The act of volunteering can enhance the student’s own experience at the same time as supporting an individual, group or community project.  The skills used and gained in the volunteer’s role can help in their career development, and the links made between the University, other students, organisations and the wider community can be of great benefit to all.

Therefore, each year the University likes to acknowledge the contributions made by students, through a variety of Awards.  These range from Bronze / Participation Certificates through Silver and Gold to Student Volunteer of the Year.

Bronze / Participation Certificates

These are presented to any student who takes part in any event / project organised or hosted by the University and/or the Students’ Union.  In previous years these have included ‘Freshers’ Legends’; SURB Radio/SU Newspaper and other non-sabbatical roles; Volunteer Fundraisers, Event Stewards (for Careers / Volunteering Fairs; Health Melas and International Evenings), Beach Cleaning or Park Maintenance events and many more.  They are also awarded to students who take part in one-off events for external voluntary organisations, such as stewarding at fun runs, marathons or festivals, or bucket collections for charities.

University Representatives’ and Mentors’ Certificates

Presented to all students who take part in the University’s PASS or Peer Mentoring Schemes (established and co-ordinated by the Student Liaison Officers) and all Course, Faculty or PostGrad Representatives (co-ordinated through the Students’ Union).

Sports Teams, Clubs and Societies

Presented to sports team captains and vice captains, club and society committee members and others significantly contributing to the running and management of projects, conferences or social events for the benefit of others (co-ordinated through the Students’ Union, International Society, Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Student Experience Team)

Silver Award Certificate

Presented to students who fulfil a regular voluntary role throughout the academic year, (eg weekly with Bolton Academy Football team; Scouts/Guides; BLGC Youth Club Night, monthly on YOT Panel etc) where their involvement is NOT part of, or is in addition to, their course or module requirement.  This is not based solely on a number of hours completed, although it is expected that the student will have volunteered at least twelve times in that role or made a similar commitment.

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