You should now be familiar with all aspects of university life, knowing where to go and who to see on campus. The second year is often a time when students review the knowledge and skills they have learnt in the first year and look to improve on their performance ready to go into the third year.

Study Skills

It’s a good idea to identify any academic weaknesses that you may have and use the time before your first assignments are due in the second year to improve them. If, for example, you find you are losing unnecessary marks by not referencing properly, it might be useful to read through the Referencing section of these webpages. If you still are unsure, speak to your tutors or make an appointment to see one of the Student Liaison Officers

Another difference between the first and second year is that your tutors will expect you to consult a wider range of academic sources to support your arguments in assignments. In the first year you may have relied on books, and maybe some recommended journals. But, in the second year you should research a topic using the academic databases to search for relevant journal articles to cite in your assignments. It’s also excellent practice for your extended project or dissertation in the third year. Before you embark on your dissertation have a look at the BISSTO Writing a Dissertation section.

Careers Service

In the second year students often start to think about placements or work experience to underpin the knowledge they have gained on their course. It’s useful to have a chat with the careers service to see if they can help you with any placements or work experience you may require.

Watch the video below to see a student explain how the University careers service has benefited him.


Transcript of the role of the Careers Service [DOC]


Peer Mentoring Scheme

You may want to improve your employability skills and personal development by becoming a mentor as part of the peer mentoring scheme. To find out more about the peer mentoring scheme watch the video below.


Transcript of SLOs taking about the Peer Mentoring Scheme [DOC]

A students view on being a peer mentor.

Transcript of a students view on being a peer mentor [DOC]


Bolton Award

Bolton Award is an extra-curricular programme designed to boost your employability skills. Find out more via the
Bolton Award webpages.


Owl's Top Hoot

Assess Yourself.

Use the Assess Yourself section to identify where you need to improve your skills.