Most people choose to use PowerPoint, but it’s not essential unless it’s stated in your presentation brief. Some people may choose to use an alternative such as white board, video, flip-chart or other props! Whatever you use, make sure you are comfortable with it.


PowerPoint Tips

  • Develop a memorable presentation – use images and colour, but don’t over-do it! Avoid orange and yellow as these are difficult to read. White or yellow text on a blue background is easy to see.
  • Don’t put too much on each slide - use bullet points and images. The audience want to hear you deliver your presentation not read it from a slide! You want them to be listening not reading!
  • Use images, photographs, graphs to illustrate and enhance your points. Images or words should be legible from the back of the room.
  • Print handouts if required in your presentation brief.



An alternative to PowerPoint is Prezi, a web-based presentation tool. You can create an account for free and write your presentation using the Prezi software. Go to to find out more.