Make sure you answer the question set. What are the main objectives?

Identify the main points. Gather information for these points.

Estimate the amount of material you need for your allocated time. Allow time for questions.


Establish a good structure:

  • Introduction: introduce yourselves and outline what you are going to talk about. Explain that the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end.
  • Main points: these should be clearly marked out and flow in logical order. This will make it easier for you to deliver the presentation and your audience to follow it.
  • Conclusion: summarise the main points that you have covered and draw appropriate conclusions. Try to finish with a memorable statement or image.
  • Questions: ask the audience if they have any questions. Allow a couple of minutes for this.


Practise your delivery and timing. Discard less important points or reduce the level of detail if you have too much information for the time allocated. If you finish too soon, do further research for additional relevant material.

Repeat the last step! This is crucial. Never over-run your time allocation or run-out of material and finish early.

Avoid jargon – make sure you explain any technical terms that may not be familiar to the audience.