Sometimes known as mind-mapping, this is a more creative way of recording information or developing ideas. It can be particularly useful for brainstorming, i.e. getting lots of initial ideas down quickly without detail. It is also useful for developing ideas for an assignment before you have a clear idea of how the flow of the assignment should be or which points are more important than others.

See the example below which shows possible notes developed for an assignment concerning the consequences of the number of vehicles on the roads:


Pattern Notes

Advantages Of Pattern Notes:


  • Using images and colour to stimulate the mind and aid memory.
  • Limited use of words leads to conciseness.
  • New ideas and information can easily be inserted.
  • Promotes the free flow of ideas by being open-ended. 
  • Revision is made easier as their uniqueness aids recall. 


Owl's Top Hoot

MindView 4 is software that enables you to produce mind-maps quickly and easily and is available on the university network. Visit to add MindView 4 to your start menu (on campus only) or ask at the IT Support Desk.


Additional Help

Watch the short video below for an example of how to create a mind map using MindView 4 software.


Creating a mind map using Midview 4 software

Transcript of creatng a mind map using MindView 4 [DOC]

The Student Liaison Officers have produced a short handout regarding mind-mapping: