Use books when you require general theories, background information and related research on a topic, or you want to put your topic in context with other similar issues.

Use the library catalogue to search for books on your topic. The catalogue will search by title only, not the content of the books, so don’t be too specific with your keywords. For example, if you were searching for books on standard costing you would search for titles on management accounting and then read the appropriate chapters. You may wish to check your reading lists for recommended texts. Simply enter the author surname and part of the title in the catalogue search box. See the short video below showing how to search for a book on the library catalogue.


Finding a Book on the library catalogue

Transcript of finding a book on the library catalogue [DOC]

Reading Lists Online

As well as searching for ebooks via Discover@Bolton, the library catalogue and ebook collections, you can access your recommended ebooks direct from the module reading list by using Reading Lists Online. Access RLO via the Library homepage or your Moodle module. See the help section on the Library website for further details about Reading Lists Online.

For a more detailed demonstration of library catalogue features see Take a Tour of the Library Catalogue . You will see the link to the tour on the top right of the catalogue home page.


You can search for books (as well other resources) via Discover@Bolton. Type in your keyword (or author and title if you are looking for something specific) and narrow your results by clicking Book/eBook, and Full Text Online if you wish to focus on ebooks. See our Discover@Bolton section for further information.

Locating Items On The Library Shelves

The Library uses the Dewey decimal system to organise the books. This means that the books and DVDs are given a number according to the topic. It’s an international system which is used in many libraries. There are ten broad categories:

000 Computer science, information & general works
100 Philosophy & psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
400 Language
500 Science
600 Technology (applied science)
700 Arts & recreation
800 Literature
900 History & geography

This example demonstrates how the numbers are allocated.

The title, Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier is located at 612.76 DEL.

This is how the number is derived:

 600 Technology (applied science) 
 612 Human Physiology 
 612.76 Exercise 
 612.76 DEL Author or title letters 

To find this book, go to the 600 section, follow the numerical sequence to find 612, then 612.76. You should then follow the alphabetical filing letters until you find 612.76 DEL.

Owl's Top Hoot

Don't forget to take a look at the cribsheets and video tutorials for using the library catalogue:



Some titles are available to view online. Not all titles are published electronically but the University of Bolton has access to over 8000 ebooks. You can access ebooks direct from the library catalogue and via the ebooks collections.

See the screencast below for details of how to access and use ebooks.



If you wish to photocopy from print book or download from e-books you must adhere to copyright laws, see our copyright guidelines for details.