‘Profiling for Success’ is a set of on-line psychometric tests available to students at the University of Bolton through the Careers Service.

The Tests

  • Reasoning Skills Tests assess verbal reasoning skills, numerical reasoning skills and abstract reasoning skills
  • Type Dynamics Indicator is a personality questionnaire which looks at preferences and personality traits
  • Learning styles Indicator is a self-reflection tool which indicates how a person approaches learning and their preferred learning styles
  • Careers Interest matches interests to potential careers
  • Values based indicator of motivation assesses values in order to understand energy and motivation

Use Of The Tests

The tests can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Practice for taking tests as part of the Recruitment process (Reasoning Skills and Type Dynamics Indicator)
  • Understanding learning (Learning Styles Indicator) indicates how learning can be maximised and how a person approaches work
  • Personal Development – the tests can really help to give a picture of self awareness including areas for development
  • Career Development- using the assessment results to explore aptitudes and preferences and applying them to work choices and career development
  • Application development – the information from assessments can be used to reflect on skills and preferences to develop employability and applications

How To Take The tests

The website that you will need to use to access the assessments is:

You will need the University of Bolton login from the Careers Service. Contact Careers for the login details and for further information about the tests. You can email or phone: careers@bolton.ac.uk or 01204 903080.

Once completed a full report is sent by email. The Careers Service can support individuals in both the test process and interpreting the test reports.