What’s the Peer Mentoring Scheme all about?

The university’s peer mentoring scheme is all about students supporting each other. It started in 2010 and has grown in popularity over the last 3 years with a total of 226 students (at the last count in 2012/13!) being supported. The Student Liaison Officers coordinate the scheme and train the student volunteers (peer mentors) who are matched, usually by course, to students who request support.

Watch the short video below to meet the SLO’s who run the peer mentoring scheme and to find out more.


Student Liaison Officers

Transcript of SLOs introduction to the peer mentoring scheme [DOC]


A students view on being a peer mentor.

A students view on being a peer mentor

Transcript of a students experience of being a peer mentor [DOC]


Can any student register for support on the Peer Mentoring Scheme?

The peer mentoring scheme was designed to help new students who require assistance in their first year of study. However, the scheme is also available to continuing students who feel they could benefit from peer support. Feedback collated from the peer mentoring scheme has consistently proven that mentoring can make a difference to new and existing students.

Can any student register to be a student volunteer (a peer mentor) and help out?

As long as you have completed 1 year of study at the University of Bolton, and there are spaces on the scheme, you will be able to apply. Please note that if you are a new student and registered on a teacher training programme, you will also be able to apply, subject to spaces on the scheme.

How do I join the Peer Mentoring Scheme?

It’s simple! Just email the Student Liaison Officers at slo@bolton.ac.uk  and state if you would like support from another student or if you are interested in mentoring other students. The Student Liaison Officers will then contact you and invite you to the office for an informal chat. This will give you an opportunity to meet one of the Student Liaison Officers, to ask questions and to gain a better understanding of the mentoring scheme.

What type of support or advice could my Peer Mentor offer?

Your peer mentor will be an experienced student who is a trained volunteer. Peer mentors will be able to give you support in a variety of ways including offering academic study skills support, helping you to settle into university life, being someone friendly to talk to and sharing their experiences of the course. Further details of the support will be explained when you meet your Student Liaison Officer. If you are unsure about anything please don’t hesitate to ask.